More Stay Healthy Streets Stories

Alki Point Keep Moving Street

Alki neighbors surrounding this Keep Moving Street are so enthusiastic about it, they made a video with the resounding message: “Make it permanent!”

They also generated this petition.

1st Ave NW Stay Healthy Street

1st Ave NW is one of the most-used Stay Healthy Streets in Seattle. Kids riding bikes, adults out for a healthy daily walk — these are common sights.

Alki Point Keep Moving Street

Mondays are ‘Chalk Night’ at Alki Point, 3-6pm. Young people of all ages frequent the street with its gorgeous view of the Sound – to roller skate, ride skateboards, and bikes, and make art.

Bob Svercl’s Biking Guide to the Central Area Greenway (N-S Route) – featuring the 25th Ave Stay Healthy Street

Once again, SNG volunteer Bob Svercl, has created an entertaining and informative video guide to one of Seattle’s safest bike routes. This route features friends along the way, and a trip down one of the Central District Stay Healthy Streets!

Lake Washington Blvd Keep Moving Street

Parents with strollers, kids on bikes, runners, friends bicycling together, are all common sights on the beautiful Lake Washington Boulevard #KeepMovingStreet.